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  • Steve'sIoniq ·
    Hello everyone!
    Love this forum, so nice to read about the positive thoughts on the car.
    I am signing up for a Premium on Friday but after spending weeks choosing between this one and the kia Nero, I still can't decide on the colour!
    I know it is personal preference and a hornet's nest but what do members think a good colour is? I have only seen silver and white and prefer the silver. What about blue or the grey?
    My dealer said don't touch blue as it may be difficult to sell on later but this may be disingenuious!
    What do those who have one think??
    A pathetic 1st post I know but I hope to add better ones after I have the car!
    I negotiated £20765 with free mats for 2017 plate Is that a good price - I have not bought a car in 10 years!
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