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  • coverman ·
    Happy Xmas to ttoi and yours, and wishing you a healthy and successful 2019

    PS a Sunday Times newspaper article last week said Norway is the best place in the world to live .
    It also told us how much house cost on the way up the mountain from Oslo to the Olympic ski slope.( 4 times the cost in Leeds)
    Astu ·
    Tusen takk! Min venn jobber i Brennes Auto og prisen er ca 2500kr, men jeg lest at i Sverige er to ganger billigere..
    Astu ·
    Hei! Siden du har samme Ioniq-modell som jeg, vil jeg spørre deg om første års service. Jeg gjør lite forskning på priser i Østfold / Oslo og Sverige (Strømstad område). Kanskje har du noen tips fra din erfaring?

    Mvh Asta
    coverman ·
    I think I replied to your last message by sending it to myself!!!.
    We arrive at 8am on the Marella Discovery and must get back to the ship before 5pm.
    My contact details are: +44(0)7973 237594 and email [email protected] We are on the ship from 12 noon on the 18th, so probably wont receive emails or phone calls until arriving in Frederikstad the first port of call.
    We havent been to Norway before, so want to see the sights; we appreciate very much your kind offer to show us around, and look forward to meeting you. We are happy to be in your company all day, but do not want to take up more of your time than you can spare.
    Anthony and Carla
    coverman ·
    Hello again,thank you your speedy reply and your very kind offer to drive us out to Hvaler.My wife Carla and I arrive on August 20 the at Frederikstad at 8 am and have to be back on the boat by 5 pm.
    Are you free for part of that day! It would be great to meet a Norwegian Ioniq owner and his lady.
    coverman ·
    I am coming to Frederikstad in August on a cruise for a day. Can I get the free ferry from the cruise port to the interesting sights?
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