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  • coverman ·
    Hi, I used to ski,( preferred cross country rather than downhill) and snowboard, but now after severing my Achilles tendon last year in a Motorsport accident I wouldn't dare to ski or snowboard again.
    knutsp ·
    Thank you so much and I wish Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours!

    Well, Norway ranks high on most criteria for quality of living, society and institutions, and also in economic terms. But Luxembourg usually top some of the lists.

    It's probably very hard to compare prices for housing, but as everything, it's high when using exchange rates. Housing in cities are especially high, and holiday housing in popular winter sport areas. You may mean renting, which may also be high.

    Olympic Ski slopes (cross country and jump: central Lillehammer, slalom: Hafjell, downhill: Kvitfjell) is a bit north of Lillehammer, in Gudbrandsdalen valley. You can ski, also slalom, around Oslo and other places, not that expensive.

    Do you plan to come back? Do you ski, or want to ski?
    coverman ·
    Hi ,it's great that we can meet up.My email is [email protected] and phone number +44(0)7973237594.We will be on the Marella Discovery from Saturday 18 the so will not receive messages until we dock in Frederikstad
    We have no plans at all for the day, just wanting to see places of interest as it is our first time in Norway.
    We would not want to take up more o.f your time than you can spare, that day
    knutsp ·
    Monday August 20th is just fine. Let's keep in contact for planning the day. Do you have any plans at all, or all open? We could suggest places to visit, and spend the day, part of the day or a couple of hours, according to your wishes. We have holiday, no special plans.
    knutsp ·

    1. Fortified Town (medieval) is 15 min walk from port (harbour). Art, culture, architecture, history and so forth
    2. City centre is by free, short ferry across river, from Fortified Town. Riverside restaurants/bars.
    3. Hvaler, with national park visitor centre, rock shores and such is 20 min by car, no ferry, 30 min by bus from city centre, plus walk

    When sailing towards Fredrikstad, you pass by Hvaler, passing Koster islands (Sweden) on the right and Hvaler on the left

    What day/time do you arrive and leave? How many accompanying? What do you like to see, nature, culture?

    We may take you for a ride out to Hvaler, if fits with our calendar.
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