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  • fermuscolo ·
    OK Thanks. I really was confused at first and tried to PM the Puerto Rican member but Im gonna use english in the forum. Thanks anyway and I hope I can buy an Ioniq soon!!!
    fermuscolo ·
    Hello!! Im thinking seriously in buying an Ioniq in PR. Are you happy with it? I went to two dealers and they refuse to give me a price, they say between 28000 and 30000. Can I know how much you paid? I speak Spanish much better if you prefer to reply in Spanish, Thanks and good luck!!
    BDG ·
    Hi peter

    could you correct the title of this thread, "major" rather than "mayor", it throws me every time i see it thanks Brian
    knutsp ·
    It seems that if I use my own username and passord, it works (Moderators Panel)

    What should I look for?
    JonathanB ·
    Hello, I think I'm in moderation - apologies for multiple posts on the same subject. If my Q is inappropriate please let me know!
    hybrid angel ·
    Thanks bluecar1!! I also have posted a couple of questions as well about the Ioniq. I can't recall now what I asked about... can you see if my additional posts are in moderation as well?

    PS - I just tried to reply to a thread and my reply went into moderation as well. It seems my posts are going into moderation.
    hybrid angel ·
    Hello bluecar1... I registered yesterday as a new Ioniq owner, and tried to post a hello introduction, and a couple of questions about the Ioniq. Today my posts still have not been approved. Can you tell me why?
    sundayt ·
    Well, I was just trying to start one in the General Discussions forum. NOW the "post new thread" link appears. It most definitely WAS NOT there earlier.

    Also, just after I sent my message to you this morning, I noticed that the little box on the bottom left of the screen on some page or other said "you MAY NOT post new threads," or something like that. Now it says "you MAY post new threads."

    Something has obviously changed recently. Is it something I did, or what?

    Please advise.

    sundayt ·

    I'd like to start a new thread, which I have successfully done before, but I'm damned if I can figure out how to do it.

    Has the technique changed, or is it no longer possible to start new threads, is it just my years creeping up on me and making me more stupid by the day, or what?

    I followed your directions on 2/23/17 to Steve'sIoniq, but when I open the forum that I want to post to, the "post new thread" link does NOT show up anywhere on the page that I can find.

    Please help!

    bluecar1 ·
    Hi Steve

    use the "forums" drop down to the left of "active topics" to get the list, then select the exact forum on the right, to open it

    then click on "post new thread" at the top
    Steve'sIoniq ·
    Hi Bluecar,
    Thought you could help as I do not see how to start a post!
    I am picking up the Hybrid on Thursday and declined the superguard (or whatever Hyundai call the paint protection) as a friend can get me the fabric protection for a pint. I would like to know what wax members have applied to their new toys for protection.
    can you suggest how i start a thread and where I put it!?!

    Thanks Mr Super moderator
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