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  • dck ·

    Copied the sys file to new SD card + downloaded Map data

    All works fine.

    Decided not to try SD card without Sys folder
    dck ·

    Thanks for input

    My swversion is AE_PHEV.EUR.SOP_CP.004.9.170516 will try & let you know without & with sys file.

    The garage I purchased car from updated map last week for me on request very helpful but would appear they do not have latest map themselves!
    BDG ·
    My map SD card with downloaded version had the swversion folder with a single text file contents:- "AE_PHEV.EUR.SOP_CP.004.4.170327"
    which is the same as the original.
    I formated the card and reloaded the .img files, no Swversion folder, but maps loaded in car with no problem, so I must have copied the swfolder from original Hyundai SD card
    dck ·

    Noticed you updated your map to latest version using download from forum

    I have downloaded & when I compare both systems I have noticed that 1 folder is missing swversion that contains the software version info file.
    After you installed did the swversion folder get created automatically on your sd card?
    BDG ·
    I've added fuel to tank 11 times and I car was delivered July 2017.

    Yes display shows 99.9mpg for every days use (Ioniq totals mpg for each days use)

    I have owned many cars, but I can honestly say this is the best car I've ever owned.

    I have had one problem, the parking brake sticking on after parking for 3 or more days, I booking in with my dealer to have it looked at, but dealer cancelled booking, informing me that this was a subject of a recall and he needed to order some stronger brake return springs, which he fitted a week later.

    Note I don't use the ICE acronym to describe the fuel engine (Hyundai's preferred term), because it has too many other meanings :-
    BDG ·
    First, can I post your questions and my answers on the forum, for other forum users to see.

    With a 15 Mile commute, with recharging between journeys you should see very little fuel engine activity, my fuel engine only starts if I accelerate out of the ECO range on the power display.

    I put £10 (around 8 litres) of fuel when gauge shows 1/4 full the car was supplied will 1/2 tank of fuel when new and has done 3144 miles, and gauge is just below 1/2 full at moment.

    In total I put 29.5 gallons in tank which gives me 106 mpg but 2 journeys were 350 miles between charges. If I discount those 2 journeys I've used 51 ltrs over 1907 miles 170mpg.

    The last top up I added 8.28 litres, 389 miles from previous one giving me 213mpg
    [email protected] ·
    Hey! I've seen you posting your awesome MPG stats on several threads and it seems like you're getting great fuel performance from your Ioniq. It seems like you are getting mostly EV miles out of your car. I'm messaging you because I'm thinking of buying an Ioniq PHEV and hopefully I would get similar performance out of my car. My commute is 15 miles each way, with a charging port at work, and I saw you get around 138mpg, is that typical for someone who just drives short distances like that? How many times have you had top fill up and how long have you owned the car? Does your display simply say 99.9mpg? Very intrigued by the Ioniq, thanks for posting in the forums!
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