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Ioniq in snow

How is the Ioniq for getting around in snow?

I have read the manual, and it implies you can pull of in 2nd gear when in sport mode. Is that a posibility?

Just ask as here in UK we are having snow (nowt that worries me) but I can't pull off in second in my golf dsg.
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I would be interested to know how the hybrid Ioniq copes in the ice and snow with being auto.

I have never had auto before and winter conditions are my only concern as with manual you can control a little on the clutch.
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I haven't got my Ioniq yet but I have owned automatics for many years. In my current BMW 3 series which is due to be replaced by the Ioniq, traction control does all the work. Even on sheet ice, if I put my foot to the floor the traction control kicks in and the car just gently pulls away. I have more confidence in an automatic than I have in a manual. The Ioniq has tracition control and should behave in a similar manner. The big difference for me will be having a front wheel drive car (Ioniq) instead of rear-wheel drive (BMW)... that scares me a little as if you get into trouble in a rear wheel drive car you can power out of it whereas in a front wheel drive, you're going where the car wants to take you.
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Absolutely no worries! It handles fine, just like most other modern cars. Just go easy on the accellerator pedal and try to avoid sudden moves (like in any other car). I found the sport mode too aggressive, and the full-on mode on the lane assist to make too sudden turns, so I've turned it off. The Goodyear Ultra Grip Arctic studless winter tyres perform well and feel more "grippy" than the Hankook tyres I had on my previous car. My previous car was a 2012 Audi A4 and I find the Ioniq hybrid to be just as easy to drive on the snow and ice.
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I found it easy yesterday in the snow and ice in south London last night

stick it in drive lift your foot off the brake and the electric motor gently brings you up to about 5-6mph then lightly n the gas

no dramas at all, I went down some "interesting" side roads curtesy of the sat nag diverting me round the traffic j10 - j8 m25 and it handled it all well
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Is anyone here running a winter tire setup different than @Norwegian ?

Unless that winter tire setup was not what Hyundai offered.

@Norwegian what other winter tires have you used in the past and what is the braking distance like of these?
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Hyundai had no standard brand of winter tyre to offer and I was free to choose whatever I wanted.

With winter tyres being mandatory, and indeed necessary over here, the annual tests published get a lot of attention. These tests are rather comprehensive, and the most important criteria are breaking distances on snow/ice/wet/dry roads. The same brands tend to do well year after year. Here's a summary of the latest results (in Norwegian, I'm afraid): Test av vinterdekk 2016 - Vinterens beste dekk for is og tørr asfalt - DinSide

Over the years I have had most of the leading tyre brands on my various cars (mostly Volvos and Audis). Can't say that I have found the differences to be dramatic, but still they were noticable. However, the softer the rubber blend, the better the performance but, also, the faster the wear-out.
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But I don't think a norwegian test of wintertires is very helpfull for the Rest of Europe, just because you use compounds (Arctic studless in your case) that aren't available here. And probably wouldn't work so well when temperatures get higher.

I'm very pleased with Nokian WR D4. Works great on Snow and also on wet and dry tarmac at temperatures above freezingpoint. I had the predecessor D3 on several cars I drove through Sweden and Norway and now the D4 on my actual Mercedes in the Black Forres the.
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Chris, you are absolutely right in that the climate conditions are so different that the best rubber mixture for Northern Europe would not be optimal for continental Europe, and vice versa. Our Scandinavian tyres would wear out quickly in warmer climates whereas your tyres would be too hard and "non-grippy" for here. Driving on bare or wet roads may also be more important further south, whereas snow& ice would be the expectation further north.

This is also why parallel imports may pose a safety problem, with incompetent dealers importing cheap tyres that aren't suitable for the local climate, even though the brand name may seem to be the same. Indeed, I suspect this may have been the case with the tyres I didn't like on my previous car.

BTW, I see the Finnish guys also discussing winter tyres and being happy with their choice of Nokian.

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I actually work in Ambrì (Ticino, Switzerland) for many car brands on snow and ice and I should say that I made a very good experience with Pirelli tyres (W 210 SottoZero S2). Traveling in Switzerland during winter means from +10/15 degrees up to -20 degrees Celsius). These tyres have a good grip, allows good braking and usually are good for 10-15'000 km (profile reach the 4 mm).

Witch car can replace my old BMW? Maybe a PHEV IONIQ?
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