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How did you research the Ioniq?

I have a pretty good idea WHY we have bought our Ioniq's; there are numerous threads discussing that. I am curious about how you researched it before deciding to buy/lease it.

My process was;
1)Look at a bunch of manufacturer websites.
2) Go to the International Auto Show. Here, I got to sit in lots of cars without any sales pressure, and ask company reps about the features, including a comparison of plug-ins & gas/electric hybrids. This is where I also learned about varying warranty policies.
3)Go to a local dealership for a test-drive.
4) Finally, back to the internet, to find out which local dealers had inventory.
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mine was made more complex as I was researching mine before information was available

I saw the information released at the Geneva motor show last year and went from there (wanted the car from day 1), if you look at the early topics in this forum you will see my process, I was one of the first members on this forum digging up information on specs, pricing, images, documentation from press releases, Hyundai sites in Europe (first brochure online was in dutch I think) so translated it with google translate and posted the results and trying to sort information from car mag / sites test drives

one of the Hyundai UK staff did a blog post of how people are using the net and I was featured in a follow up article on how difficult I found it to get the information

hence I was one of the first UK owners
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why I choose Ioniq BEV

Originally Posted by Sara-s View Post
I have a pretty good idea WHY we have bought our Ioniq's; there are numerous threads discussing that. I am curious about how you researched it before deciding to buy/lease it.
Having had a Clutch fail on my Skoda Octavia after only 4000miles, I looked for a new car
I felt the time was right to have a serious look at BEV cars
Looked at various Brands
As a DIYer I wanted a car that I could carry things like bags of cement timber etc.
Look at Renault, battery rental put me off
BMW cost more than I wanted to spend
Toyota did not do a pure electric
Tesla too expensive
Mitsubitsi no pure electric
Left with Nissan Leaf or Hyundai Ionic
Did not consider VW after my Skoda Clutch Failure and diesel scandle
I then looked at various forums and video reviews,and decided the Ioniq was exactly what I required
Next problem, no Hyundai electric dealer within 100miles (see attachment), but a dealer in Plymouth (30miles away) had a Hybrid Ionic demonstrator
Had a look and was very impressed.
Went back to my local Hyundai Non electric dealer, who is within walking distance from me, and who said as his team had been trained by Hyundai to handle the Ioniq EV and had the required charging points installed.
I ordered a Premium EV in Blue in March, nominal delivery date given as June 1st to satisfy the paperwork requirements, latest update Hyundai are stepping up production and will make extra UK shipments in July,August and September, I have been told I should get my order by September.
Just waiting for my Boat to come in (to Tilbury!)
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Your process is similar to mine with 2 exceptions.

Since the Ioniq was available (in Europe) when I started looking, there were reviews and test drive videos available on YouTube.. having driven a Prius for more than a decade, I knew that an all electric was my next car not another hybrid so it came down to what was available that met my needs (my situation was I could not wait for more than a few months, which eliminated cars like Tesla or the new/2018 Nissan Leaf)

I did not feel the need for a test drive since like you I used the auto shows to sit in various cars

In my view, it came down to the Hyundai Ioniq or the new VW e-golf. The e-golf was just a bit too small (especially the cargo/trunk) .. the Chevy Bolt was almost an option but sold out in Canada and I was looking at more than 12 months for the car (and the more I discovered about the Ioniq and e-golf, and problems people were having with the Bolt, the more I realized that the choice was the Ioniq)

I got the Ioniq electric limited in May and am very happy with it (still learning all it can do). The range was never an issue for me and the Ioniq has a lower price than any other comparably equipped cars.
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Until November 14, 2016 I intended to replace my first generation Prius PHEV by its successor with double electric range of about 50 km (also called Prius Prime in the US). And I expected to go for a fully electric car a few years after that. But due to discussions about it in the Dutch Prius forum and PriusChat I became more and more aware that my real preference was to drive EV all the time. I also have around 1000 kWh overproduction of my solar panels.

When it became clear that for the new Prius PHEV the expected price in the Netherlands was high and the possibility to take a bicycle with you was problematic, on November 15 I just switched my interest to the Ioniq. After that I was intensively searching for information on it on the Internet for a few days and what I found was so convincing that on November 19 I made a test drive. This was also very convincing, and I ordered it immediately that day. It was more than 6000 euro cheaper than the new Prius PHEV and I got a good price for my old Prius PHEV, and I have a much better car now.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Marina Blue
Previous car: 2013 Prius Plug In

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I had no idea about Ioniq until April this year. I decided to return my Dieselgate VW around December last year and started to look at my options. I did not want a dual propulsion system in my car. So it has to be either an all-electric or a combustion engine.

At this time I found out that GM has released and selling the Chevy Bolt with a 400km range. When I went to the local dealership, I was told that GM is not taking any orders and they will only get one next year which has already been sold.

I started looking again when I initiated the process to return my VW at the end of April this year. When I phoned my dealership about the availability of Bolt, was again informed that they are not expecting another vehicle until next year.

So as I was searching for my options which will give me the maximum $14K incentive from Ontario government, and found out about Ioniq and Ford C-Max. I could not find a single parking spot at the Ford dealership, it was all taken up by their inventory! So moved on to the Hyundai dealership to get more details on the vehicle. Then scheduled a test drive for that weekend, and ended up purchasing the car.

One of the key information about winter range was from Bjørn Nyland's Youtube video where he was getting 150km in Norway at 0C. Which gives me about 75 to 80% margin in winter on my normal daily range of approximately 80km. I have seen -40C temperatures where I live, and windchill factor regularly reaches -40C while parked at my work.

Surprisingly, One week after I purchased the Ioniq, I got a call from the GM dealership stating that they are getting a Bolt the next day! Too late for them, but I am sure they would have found a buyer for that car.
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My 2011 Kia Optima, my 4th Kia, was nearing 140k, my point to start looking. While I did lightly research other brands, I quickly locked on to the Kia Niro. Through my prior 4 KIAs I had known all too well that KIA dealerships in California are the worst folks to ever do business with. I contacted Autoland, the purchasing service through most credit unions as they made buying my last new KIA a breeze. This time multiple California KIA dealerships made it clear that no niros where available to Autoland. The KIA Dealers I contacted where demading $3,000 to $6,000 in markup with the normal desire to tack on everything. I then recalled two things, kind advice I received from a Hyundai dealer in Oxnard years prior, & Hyundai owns KIA. At that point I looked up what was the Hyundai version of the Niro. Later in the day I found myself at Winn Hyundai of Santa Maria to research the Ioniq. They had other plans as they called "Taking me off the market". They are car geeks there, it was a enjoyable experience. I ordered one that was on the boat headed to Port Hueneme. I'm looking forward to not just having a great car but a supportive dealer / service system behind it. I never found that with KIA.

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I did most of my research online. I read reviews, watched youtube reviews, etc. At first, I was going to research the Niro and I test drove one and didn't really like it. When I finally saw the Ioniq in person, I knew I at least wanted to drive one and see how it was. I knew it had the same setup as the Niro so didn't have high hopes. I finally found the one I wanted to drive about 2 hours from me and made a weekend trip to go drive it. I really liked the car a lot more than I expected to. The gave me a deal I couldn't turn down and the rest is history.
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All this started after a mechanical breakdown of the 13 years old Civic. Around the same time there is a discussion about the Nissan Leaf promotion and government incentive which run around the same price as an ICE. This is how EV get into the picture. I started my research online. Learned what is needed to operate an EV. Watched lot of EV reviews and understand the in and out of EV ownership by lurking in different forums. Narrowed down to three possible candidates in early April. Leaf 1.0, Ioniq and the eGolf. Ruled out the eGolf early in the game due to price uncertainty and 2017 stocked sold out.

Real world winter Leaf 1.0 range is on the low side for me. The longer range Leaf 2.0 is most likely priced higher and delivery is well into 2018. Bolt/Tesla 3 availability and price does not line up. By late April I am waiting for Ionic pricing and arrival at the dealer. Thanks to abundance of Youtube reviews I learned a lot more compare to an half hour test drive. The test drive is pretty much to see whether I like the drive behaviour instead of checking for features.

Digital age changed how I purchase vehicle. Reading "Car and Driver" magazine days are gone and can't compete with numerous Youtube reviews in 4K.
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a lot of people are now doing a lot of research online before even stepping foot in a dealers showroom, they pretty much know the model and trim level before even engaging with the dealer

the test drive now is just a validation of their online research for many, and many like me once the initial visit is over most of the negotiation is done via email, as it saves time and fuel

older sales staff struggle with this at times, my dealer / salesman was happy as I didn't tie up as much of his time and the questions and answers in both directions could be dealt with when time allowed (but still promptly)

dealers are having to evolve to take into account the digital age
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